The Story




October 2016: Mia starts her life in her new family and her 1.7kg of cuteness triggers Celine to create an Instagram account for her, just for fun.

March 2017: In less than 6 months, Mia’s Instagram organically grows by 12k+ actively engaged Followers and Celine discovers the beautiful Community of Dog’s Mums, connecting with awesome gals from all over the world!

April 2017: Celine falls pregnant and has to take a break from Instagram to grow her little human.

January 2020: After an almost 3 years break, Mia is back on the Gram and all her friends are still there!

June 2020: Celine receives dozens of messages daily from her community, asking for tips and advice on how to grow their dog account.

From there came the idea of starting a separate Instagram page helping Mumagers growing their account but also creating a range of “Instagrammable” products dedicated to dogs on Insta and their Mumager.

Dog Influencers was born.


Dog Influencers’ mission is to offer you a fun and photogenic dog + human range of products that are meant to inspire you and help you create cool photos for your Insta account. We strongly support and encourage Dog’s Mums to get on the Gram with their pup as we know this is the type of content that other Mumagers love to see and will engage with.

We want to create a community who will support and love each other on the Gram!

Welcome to the Dog Influencers tribe. ❤