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What is a pet influencer and why people are crazy about them?

What is a pet influencer and why people are crazy about them?

What is a pet influencer and why people are crazy about them?


Pets are undeniably cute and adorable. When you post a nice picture of your dog on Instagram and the next day a photo of yourself, you can compare how much more love your dog can receive than your selfie.


Don’t get this wrong. Pets are just so lovable that a lot of people make it hard to resist the heart button. Well, being a pet influencer can be an exciting journey. At least one in six pet owners would eventually post photos of dog on Instagram and become “Insta-famous.” So what is a pet influencer and do you become one?


They are actual animals who have their owners as social media managers, posting for them and even making money per post for whatever they sponsor or advertise. Pet influencers are actual animals who have their Instagram accounts with their owners as social media managers. These pets usually have more than 1000 followers and even make money per post for whatever they sponsor or advertise. However, becoming a pet influencer is not just bragging about your beautiful pets. It’s about posting valuable photos of pets to create influence in the pet industry. Therefore, you must choose a message and goal.


 There are pet influencers like dogs who share touching photos about recovering from a disease or being in military service. You can also see rare animals who have been domesticated or some really cute dogs who blog about fashionable pet accessories.


How to Make My Dog Influencer?

If you have a decided edge in the influencer game, here are some ways on how your dog can become a pet influencer.


Choose Your Product

Dog influencers need to have a product and good Instagram page so they can monetize it. Once you have your product, you need to talk about the content, appearances, and endorsements. You also need to decide the direction of your promotions and think about a particular line of products to focus on. Say, for example, you can focus on eco-friendly dog foods, dog-friendly hotels, or fashionable clothing for cats. 


Plan Your Content

Don’t just post photos online. Your photo of a dog on Instagram could reach thousands if not millions of audiences. Hence, you need to ensure you have valuable, entertaining, and interesting content to share. This includes choosing a high-quality, meaningful photo with a good caption.

You need to be a storyteller who consequently attracts different brands that will pay you to promote their products. Remember, your content is the most powerful driving force that will deliver the message to their potential buyers. If you are not effective enough in telling your story then it would be hard for you to win some partnerships or collaboration.



Your Instagram aesthetics can matter a lot. If you have noticed, a dog influencer would have a nice theme and ultimately entertaining photos. Consequently, people are mainly drawn to attractive Instagram feeds and as you may know, there are different ways to improve how your pet’s profile looks nowadays.

Aside from taking high-quality photos with compelling angles, you can also choose a theme for your Instagram. You could go for a minimalist, light, and airy, dark and moody, or cool and fresh.


Get Endorsement

Often, endorsements and sponsorship will lead back to content – especially if you are in collaboration with a specific brand. Even so, do not expect to have an endorsement right away. To have endorsements you need to make your Instagram visually appealing then work on the content.

You also need to build your audience and ensure that they are within the target geographical area of the brand you are endorsing. Note that your audience demographics will also guide you in choosing the products to endorse.

For example, you cannot effectively endorse a product that is sold in Australia if your audience is mainly from the United States unless otherwise it offers worldwide shipping and it is intentionally promoting its brand in the latter. 

Moreover, you need to have some engagement. Your posts should show organic followers talking about your brand. 


Remember, the first few steps are always the hardest. For example, you cannot make content viral and get 1000 followers overnight. You need to have a combination of trending photos and an interesting message for that photo. However, once you get your first endorsement it should mark your milestone leading to more endorsements.


Often Endorsements and Sponsorship lead back to content- especially if you’re endorsing a partner on your media such as on your own Instagram, blog, website, YouTube channel, podcast, whatever. 

Or maybe, it is a sponsored trip or experience that you’re creating content about. However, as a dog influencer, you will also be paired with your partner brand on their platform through your content and their own, on their social channels.


Build Authority and Credibility


As a dog influencer, you need to build credibility online so people will believe and follow you. This means you cannot just jump from one product to another. Focus on the same kind of products and provide an honest review about them. This way, your followers will always come back to your page for an expert review.

Do not post misleading images and poor captions. Most of all, post high-quality and engaging photos every day. Your followers and sponsors will be looking forward to these things.


So, does “how to make my dog influencer” still dangle on your mind? Probably, not anymore. Now you have these tips it is easier for you to get started.

For more tips on how to grow your dog account on Instagram, check out our Instagram Stories!

Good luck! X

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